Anima Totem lcd SB - 65

Designed for those who want to install technological solutions for the first time without giving up the "wow effect". Thin and light, ANIMA is the simplest indoor solution ever produced by Imecon. Installable without any tools and configurable by remote control, the device can be installed in a moment without tools. Play FullHD content on a screen that can optimize your surroundings. With a series of available add-ons  (from the touch screen to ticket printing), the standard structure has a minimal and elegant design, while containing all the technology in just 10 cm. to amaze your customers.

Diagonal: [inch] 65
Diagonal: [mm] 1639
Resolution: [standard] UltraHD 4K
Resolution: [pixel] 3840x2160
Brightness: [cd/m2] 500
Pixel Pitch: [mm] 0,37
Form Factor: [ratio] 16:9
Height: [mm] 804
Width: [mm] 1428
Sides: Single
Structure: Metal
Installation: Self-standing
Front glass [OPT]
Paint Powder coating
Colour: Grey (RAL7016)
Height: [mm] N/A
Width: [mm] N/A
Depht: [mm] N/A
Maintenance: Rear
CPU: processor Intel Celeron N3160 / Intel i3/ Intel i5 /Intel i7 / Rizen
RAM: 4/8 GB
Storage SSD: 64/128 GB
Operating System Windows: s10 IoT / Linux
CMS: TheTail stand-alone
Remote control: Yes
Diagnostics [OPT]
External connections: 1 x LAN, 1 x USB
Cables routing: Back/Floor (protected)
Power Plug: IEC (protected)
Touch screen [OPT]
Webcam [OPT]
Speaker [OPT]
WiFi [OPT]
Bluetooth [OPT]
Router LTE [OPT]
Weight: [Kg] N/A
Protection Index: IP30
Certifications: CE
Power Supply: 100-240VAC
Average Power: [W] 114
Max Power: [W] 190
Operating Temperature: [°C] 5°C - 40°C (RH <90%)
Storage Temperature: [°C] 0°C - 50°C (RH <90%)

Plug & Play

It takes less than a coffee break to configure it: Anima has been developed to be easily and swiftly installed, without any particular requrements. Thanks to the integrated player, you will only need to place it wherever you want and connect it.

Anima Totem lcd SB - 65  Plug & Play Imecon
Anima Totem lcd SB - 65  Endless possibilities Imecon
Endless possibilities

Shops, Hotels, Sport Centres, Hospitals.
Designed for indoor locations, the Anima stands its ground on its own on the shop floor to show this week’s highlighted products, next to the reception in a hotel to welcome special guests and show them the way, display the program of the day in the gym or inform patients about the actual waiting times in the GP’s waiting room. From advertisement to information; this is the product.

Local or cloud

One to one or group management of your devices. Create playlists to inform and/or show adds in a fast and easy way: locally, via USB connection and the local TheTail app installed on the device, or cloud via the TheTail software. So easy that even a kid could do it.

Anima Totem lcd SB - 65  Local or cloud Imecon
Anima Totem lcd SB - 65  For every Budget Imecon
For every Budget

A modern style totem led by an ad-hoc CMS. A solution installing a Full-HD screen to stream contents with great quality and sharpness. Price is the only entry level feature of this product.

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