Designed and built accordingly to Internet of Things and big Data paradigms, with JoT's platform you will be able to real time monitor and manage connected devices.

Real-time monitoring

The Web based JoT UI allows the real-time monitor of the functioning and the performance of each totem in a fleet. JoT also includes a fully configurable warning and notification system that issues alerts in case of malfunctions utilizing all the available communication channels, from SMS to email. Maintenance is always on-time and well-focused thanks to the diagnostic information provided by JoT. Most of the maintenance routines can be executed remotely so to reduce the number of on-site activity and therefore the Total Cost of Ownership of the fleet.


JoT’s security is implemented via a fully integrated certification system that applies advanced cryptography to each data before transmission on any channel. Each Totem physical security is guaranteed by the on-board sensors which are designed to identify tampering events and halt the machine after issuing an alert.

Predictive maintenance

JoT supports Predictive Maintenance via machine and deep learning algorithms which are using Big Data collected over many years in order to identify deviation from expected performance. The notification system will alert the operator, who can then remotely investigate further and – if necessary – apply changes to system’s parameter in order to restore expected behaviour. All the collected feedback is then used to further improve the algorithms. The results are higher up-time and lower maintenance, in favour again of a lower TCO of the Fleet.

Self control

Thru sensors and algortihms, each totem is fully capable to self-control its functional parameters in order to perfectly adapt to environmental conditions so to guarantee the highest efficiency and long term durability. On top of this, JoT allows to monitor the Totem’s parameters and to further manipulate those via scheduled routines.

Proof of Performance

A very sophisticated system comprising both physycal sensor and software algorithms provides full information about the Totem operation and is capable of certifying that each scheduled content has been effectively published.

Users and role-based hierarchy

Every JoT’s user has his/her role based profile which can be fully customized so to meet the requirements of the most demanding workflows. In fact, each roles carries a set of permissions which are checked before allowing the User to execute any task, allowing multi-level control and centralized authorization of the Fleet’s management.